I love Blood Bowl

I recently picked up a new Mac laptop and it has a Bootcamp partition that lets me boot the machine into Windows. Now this isn’t really that big a deal as I don’t really use Windows for work but one thing that I do love is Blood Bowl and so I recently picked up the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition game which has 20 teams available.

The game is not without its bugs but I was able to play a very fun game today resulting in a 3-1 victory for me using a Skaven team against a Goblin team.

The game had everything in it that makes Blood Bowl great. Impossible plays, bizarre turnovers, violent injuries, crazy plays that you never saw coming. I played an earlier game against a Vampire team that resulted in numerous Vampires succumbing to Blood Lust and comping on their own Thralls. Great fun.

Blood Bowl, the boardgame, is an excellent system and the computer version does a great job of translating the game onto the computer but still gives you the strategy and zaniness of the boardgame.

I foresee a large chunk of my free time being eaten way by this game.