Malifaux Rasputina tournament list

Saturday is the Malifaux tournament at Myth-a-con 2 and I will be bringing a 35 SS Rasputina force to the event.

Rasputina — 4 Cache
Essence of Power [2ss]

Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Gamin [4ss]
Ice Golem [9ss]
Silent One [6ss]
Convict Gunslinger [6ss]

I like the core Rasputina force and the Convict Gunslinger is put in the list to add a little more firepower.

The main strategy is going to be to use the Ice Pillars to control the board and then use the Ice Gamin to get into position and explode next to enemy units via some spells from Rasputina or the Silent One.

Nothing subtle but I hope that it works.



  1. Consider (if you have the time/points) swapping in a Sabertooth or Snow Storm for the Ice Golem. Might not make your list work the way you want it to, but they’re good swapins for the Ice Golem if you’re looking for a speedier list.

  2. Snow Storm is a definite purchase. I don’t mind the speed of the list. I just need to be able to handle shooting better as I got cut to shreds by a Lady J list

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