An update

It has been an interesting week here. The entire family is suffering from a cold and prior to that I had another bout of something that laid me out for a few days. So there hasn’t been a lot of updates on the blog or much of any work on projects. I finally finished building my Blood Bowl Ork team and got it all primed. There were also quite a few 40K Ork banner poles in my bitz box that I used to make turn markers, reroll markers and a score marker for the team.

I also managed to pick up some more Island of Blood High Elves so I now have more than 30 of the plastic Sword Masters and Sea Guard. I also took some time to assemble Teclis and the seven Shadow Warrior figures I was able to pick up. I am still looking for a suitable proxy model for the High Elf Great and so my force is sadly missing flyers in the force.


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