What to do?

So I am at a loss as to what to do now that I have so much more free time. The Blood Bowl League of Calgary starts in a few weeks and I have my Ork team assembled and primed so I might start work on those. Also coming in, but not here yet, are the final vessels for my Uncharted Seas Dwarf fleet. Wayland Games was selling them for 25% off and so I took the opportunity to fill out the rest of the fleet with the few vessels I was missing.

While I do like the look of the new Dwarf vessels that are being re-released, I don’t think they are different enough to justify buying the new vessels when I already have a fleet of the older vessels. I will though be seriously considering buying a Shroud Mage or Bone Griffon fleet. Both fleets look amazing compared to the older sculpts.

There is also my perennially unfinished Ortega crew that I really have to finish off. In fact I have a table filled with several unfinished painting projects that really do need to get finished at some point including a partially finished KoB Armoured Force for Dystopian Wars and several minis for Strange Aeons.

But, given my GDS, I suspect that I will start on something new and start painting the Blood Bowl team :-)