Blood Bowl Sunday

I headed down to Sentry Box on Sunday to chat with a few people and also to get in a test game with my Orc team, the Smashas, against David and his Vampire team.

in-game action

My team is entirely unpainted so far but I hope to get a start on it soon and have it ready for the second or third week of the league. David is also testing out his team so we had two starting teams with no additions.

David was able to get a single TD in the first half. He chewed through three of his own Thralls due to Blood Lust. I tried madly to contain him and did a fairly good job but Hypnotic Gaze did a good job of stripping out the tackle zones on my players and David was able to squeeze two Vampires through my lines and score a TD.

I received the ball in the second half and made an effort to try to cage up and drive through to the end zone. Some craziness ensued and I ended the half attempting to do a long pass to my Blitzers with two Black Orcs. As you can imagine it didn’t work.

The team worked quite well and I am looking forward to playing them in the league.