Blood Bowl League game

Today was the first day of the BBLOC Season 2. My first game was against David’s Vampire team and I managed to squeak out a 1-1 draw.

The first half ended in a 0-0 draw. I won the coin toss and opted to receive. As is my natural predilection, I have an Orc team that I am trying to use as a passing team so while Imdid cage up during the game it was mostly as a way to protect the throw or ball carrier while I try to set up a running play or pass.

Dave’s first kickoff was ring behind the line of scrimmage and so my thrower was out of position to get the ball and so I had a blitzer grab it and attempt to carry it off to the left to link up with the thrower. Happily, for me, I killed a Thrall on the first turn and Dave spent the rest of the game cringing every time I hit one of his Thralls.

My sweep to the left wasn’t successful and Dave managed to pop the ball loose and make and drive for my end-zone. I was able to stop his drive and managed to successfully, for an Orc, get the ball back on his half via a pass that scattered but did so right onto one of my players. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capitalize on this good luck and the half end.

The second half started with a quick TD from Dave. He moved quickly to he left of the field and used Hypno-gaze to move through a line of Black Orcs and blast down the field to score.

My possession saw the ball turned over quite a bit but ultimately I was able to smash through Dave’s right and deliver the ball, via hand-off, to a lineorc who ran it in for a TD.

I managed to get SPPs on two Black Orcs and a Lineorc which was a fairly decent accomplishment. Dave is down one Thrall and was almost down a Vampire as well but he made his regeneration roll.

A fun game,with lots of back and forth and a lot of interesting tactical choices to be made. I’m quite happy with the team and how well it responds and I’m looking forward to the next league game after Thanksgiving.

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