Blood Bowl League game 2

I had my second BBLOC league game today against Ken’s Dark Elf team. Ken was giving up 210,000 in inducements to me and also had a player with AG 5 which was going to end up being a troubling feature during the game.

Ken got an early first half TD when he blitzed my Thrower and then danced his AG 5 blitzer in to grab the ball and dance away with it. Next turn he had run it in for a TD.

On my next possession I managed to score a TD but had to do it without my Thrower who was mercilessly pummeled by Dark Elves and knocked out of the game. My TD had more to do with Ken being distracted than anything I did. He moved his players to block my movement on the right side of the field and left my Black Orc and Blitzer free to take a handoff and then run like crazy down field.

Turn 2 was started with another quick TD as Ken moved a Blitzer down field and then work a player wide to make a Long pass and then score. I was playing deep to try to limit his ability to dance through my lines again but wasn’t able to stop him from moving around them.

My final possession went well initially as I was able to cage up with Black Orcs and Blitzers in the cage. Ken threw a lot of players in my way and managed to break the left corner of my cage. Ken knocked the ball out of my possession and I was attempting to break a hole in his line and then run the ball through with my blitzer. Sadly I took one tackle too many and the Both Down result left the ball in the open and Ken grabbed it and lofted it down field. Where he promptly rolled a 1 for his catch and dropped the ball.

I assumed he would grab it the next turn and then took my turn to beat on as many of his players as I could to try to get some casualties and their tasty, tasty SPPs. Ken then went to grab the ball during his turn and dropped it. I ran down with a Blitzer to try to get the ball and managed to dodge in, grab the ball and then fumbled my throw. Ken made up for his earlier errors and ran the ball in for his third TD.

The game against Ken was a lot of fun and he played a very thoughtful and challenging game. I managed to learn a lot about my team and got a bit more experience using a cage.