Blood Bowl Team Manager

After Blood Bowl today four of us sat down the play the new Blood Bowl Team Manager game by Fantasy Flight Games. It has the feel of a Blood Bowl season but plays quite differently. The game comes with six teams (three good and three evil) and each of the teams has a distinct feel and very different tactics,

I played the Chaos team which had a lot of tackling options but little ball movement options. The multi-player game plays much differently than a two player game. There are a limited number of opportunities to compete and with the various rewards that each “game” has it means that you often have to quickly move in to get a place at a match (only two players can compete at a normal “game”).

Each match offers players the opportunity to win fans, Star players and team upgrades. Fans is the ultimate manner by which the game is determined but players can gain coaches, special abilities and new players.

The four player game went very quickly and we all figured out the rules and started working on strategies very soon after starting to play. It was a heck of a lot of good fun and I think that this will become a staple of our Blood Bowl gaming in the future.


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  1. I LOVE this game–I was shocked by how fun it was to play and by how much the game stuck to the feel of traditional Blood Bowl. Glad to see that it’s getting talked about!

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