Warmachine catches up to me

So it appears that my willpower is even lower than I previously thought. After thinking about and then dismissing the idea of picking up the Warmachine Two-player starter set I promptly picked it up within minutes of setting foot in Sentry Box on Sunday.

So I now have the components of the Menoth figures from the set on my painting table ready to assemble them. I also picked up the Forces of Menoth book and the new Wamachine: Wrath expansion.

There are a few people regularly playing Warmahordes at Sentry Box and several of the Blood Bowl players are also picking the game up so in this case I can perhaps try to ascribe this most recent purchase to peer pressure instead of my chronic lack of willpower.

One nice side-effect of this is that I have been reading through the fluff in the Wrath book and it reminded me of what a good job Privateer does of writing their stories. Even better, as the stories are always continuing and expanding the background the stories are far more compelling than the material you might find in a GW product.

I am going to try to get a 35 point force together ASAP so I can start playing again. This means a few more purchases or trades to pick up some things like a Choir, Exemplar Knights and a solo or two.