Menoth assembled

Took some time this evening to finish assembling the last of the Menoth figures from the Warmachine Two Player starter set. I also put together a Redeemer and now have a small set of figures to set out to prime and then start painting.

The plastic that the figures are made with has taken some time to get used to. Its quite unlike the styrene that GW uses and the mould lines and flash don’t trim off as much as they need to be cut off. This took me a while to figure out and now that I have a fresh knife blade and a bit of experience I was able to finish off the last of the Cinerators and make them look better than the earlier models.

I’ll need to go back and fix up some of the other figures before priming them. The entire set of figures weigh less than one of the old metal Warjacks so whatever issues i might have with the material are more than made up with by the lack of weight. My old, all metal, Cryx army was a shoulder breaker.

I am going to be very brave and try to paint the figures in white with a terry colour in addition to the Sanguine Red to add some additional contrast to the figures. G’Day Bloke at Lost Hemisphere was done some of his Menoth figures with blue in addition to the traditional colours and it looks like something I might want to try. I need to find a blue that has a yellow or purple tone though so it can blend in with either the Menoth White or Sanguine Red.