Blood Bowl update

So I now have two more league games with my Orc team Da Smashas.

Game 3 was against Richard and his Orc team the Bash ’em Boyz. The game was a pretty brutal 1-1 draw with both of us really slogging it out in the midfield area. Not a lot of casualties as you would expect. Mind you Richard did manage to kill one of my Black Orks. Thankfully it was the one that had no SPPs but I now have an Apothecary to make sure that the rest of my players have a chance to avoid the grave.

Game 4 was against Steve and his Skaven team Vegas odds. Steve has an AG5 Gutter Runner who was able like Ken’s AG 5 player, to run and dodge circles around me. Steve got off two quick TDs, including a TD on my possession, but I was able, as you would expect, to reduce his team down to six players. I got a sympathy TD but Steve played a really good game and was able to use his agility and movement to really stymie me.

I did manage to skill up three players that game due to SPPs gained via casualties and so I am in a better position to play Dave’s Vampires again. Dave is the one player that I play twice in this half of the season and he now has two skilled vampires with Block and MA+1 and ST+1 respectively.

One Thrall and one Vampire are close to skilling up so I might try to focus some fouls on them to take them out of the game and limit their SPP acquisition.

After that my final game for this half is against Marco and his Nurgle team. Marco has only played two games so far but will have four done by the time we play in two weeks. I expect that his team will have a few more skills by then.