More Menoth assembled

I finished assembling and priming some more Menoth miniatures in the last few days. So far I have

5 x Exemplar Cinerators
8 x Temple Flameguard
Flameguard UA
Covenant of Menoth

I have the Choir and the last two models for my Flameguard unit on order. Once I get those I will have a 35 point force to start painting.

I don’t think that I want to do everything in white. That is just a lot of detailed painting. What I think I may do is paint the Jacks, Casters and solos in white and a contrasting colour and then use the contrasting colour as the primary colour for my infantry.

It will make the white models stick out (no more wondering where the solo is in a crowd of infantry models) and let me paint some more traditional Menoth schemes but also let me do the infantry in a quicker scheme.