A shedload of Blood Bowl minis

Went out for a walk in the snow with the family this afternoon and checked the mail to find a stack of parcels waiting for me. The parcels were from Wayland Games, Impact! Miniatures and Warlord Games.

The Wayland order was a few Bone Griffin ships for Uncharted Seas. Wayland is running an extensive sale on their existing stock of the old US figures. I recently picked up a painted Bone Griffon starter set and so I filled out the fleet at 40% off. I still might get some of the new Frigates when they are released as I am not a fun of the undead whale figures.

The main contents of this shipment was Blood Bowl figures. I received the female Dwarf team that Warlord Games is selling as well as the Grebbo Chaos Dwarves Impact! Scotlings and the figures for a Willy Miniatures Undead team.

The Impact! order also included some skill rings, a D16, weather tokens, inducement tokens and the reference cards.

Lots of Blood Bowl fun and I now have a lot of figures to assemble and paint. With these new additions I currently have figures for

Amazons (the female Dwarves)
Chaos Dwarves

I will also soon be getting painted teams for
Dark Elves

My aim is to have enough assembled and painted figures to run a drop-in league.