BBLOC league game 5

This Saturday I headed down to Sentry Box to have my second league game against Dave and his Vampires. Sadly the game didn’t go anything like I planned and Dave got a 2-0 win against me.

The game started out with a Thrown Rock killing my Blitzer with Catch. Luckily my Apothecary was able to change that to a Miss Next Game but before the ball was kicked I was down a player. Not only that but a player I was hoping to put to good use as I play a more of a passing, running game than a bash game.

This deficit quickly turned into three players as a Black Orc was KOed and a second Blitzer was knocked out for the next game as well. I am not used to playing at a numeric disadvantage with this team and Dave was able to keep my team well contained during most of the game.

My main issue is that I continue to be too eager to break my own cage and run with the ball or try to pass. When I did Dave was able to either take the ball out or just stop my advance. Dave plays a very solid game and when he is handed a two player advantage (especially positional players) he takes advantage :-)

It wasn’t until the end of the second half that I really started to rack up KOs and casualties. I really couldn’t break armour at all in the first half and being down two players that made it difficult to maintain field control.

My next game is against Marco and his Nurgle’s Rotters team. Sadly I will be down two Blitzers and have two additional Journeymen in the game so I am not really sure how well the game is going to go.