Undead team assembled

Over the past few days I have assembled the figures for my Blood Bowl Undead team. The Wight, Mummy and Ghoul figures are all from Willy Miniatures. I also picked up a four pack of the Zombies they sell as well but decided to not use them. The figures are quite large, even larger than the Wights and also sculpted to be quite muscular and bulky. In fact they are really not usable in my opinion.

Instead I took some of the Mantic Zombie miniatures and added some shoulder pads built from some trimmed sections of Space Marine shoulder pads. They figures are smaller, posed better and look like Zombies.

I also managed to snag some Khemri miniatures that I will be adding to the team as skeletons. I know that skeletons have a bad reputation in Blood Bowl but I’d like to have some to try out.