Nurgle’s Rot 2 Da Smashas 0

Now I knew that this was going to be a tough match as I was down two Blitzers and had to hire Journeymen Lineorcs to fill my team out but my game against Marco’s Nurgle team turned out to be even worse than I imagined.

The game started out really well. Marco kicked to me and I was able to break through his left and get a BLitzer with the ball one move away from a TD. I decided not to Go For It and instead left the Blizter where he was and went to try to throw some Blocks and knock a few more Zombies down.

The first Block I threw resulted in my Black Orc being knocked down and fracturing an arm, removing him from the game and making him miss the next game.

Things went downhill from there and I also let myself get knocked out of the game mentally.

I was two or three players down for the entire game and with his expanded roster (I think Marco has 16 players) and Marco was able to play a very good positional game and keep me from the ball when he had possession.

By the end of the game I was down two Black Orcs (who will miss the next game) and also down a Journeymen who I callously cut from the team. Happily I skilled up another BLack Orc and so I know have another one with Block. Small consolation I think.

So for next game I am again down two skilled players and stuck with two Journeymen to fill out my ranks.

Lessons learned
1) I think that caging doesn’t really fit my style. I had quite a bit of luck just screening my Thrower and allowing him to be more mobile.
2) Given their slow speed I need to think more about the placement of my Black Orcs.
3) I need to get my team back up to strength ASAP and start to buy new players to allow me to weather in-game casualties.

So the team is still without a win and I am on a three-game losing streak where I have given up 6 TDs with only one in reply. Clearly I need to concentrate on my defensive game a bit more.