A productive day

Today was a highly productive day of assembly. I finished assembling and basing my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team as well as a min unit of Menoth Exemplar Errants as well as the UA for the unit. In addition I also put together Varag Ghoul Chewer and Ripper Bolgrot for my Orc team.

The Chaos Dwarfs required a fair bit of pinning. Especially the Hobgoblins which had separate hands and arms that are far too small to take any sort of pressure. Other than the pinning the team went together quite well.

The Exemplar Errants were fairly easy to put together but it would have been nice to know in advance that the shields need to be put on before the shoulder pads. I had to disassemble several models to remove the shoulder pads as the shields were not able to sit properly.

I am leaving off the crossbows from the sword-bearing models as I really don’t want to have to take the time to paint them. Lazy I know but anything that gets the models painted quicker is a good thing in my book.

Tomorrow is priming day. I have 30+ figures that I need to prime, is several colours, so I will be out on the deck, weather willing, putting primer to models.