Insidious 4 Da Smashas 1

Another day another loss. This one wasn’t a surprise though. The team hit the field missing two Black Orks and had a lineup with five linemen including two journeymen.

Ken’s team was giving up 290,000 in inducements and I took an additional reroll, a Budweiser Babe and the chainsaw-wielding Ork. At 100,000K he was a bit expensive but the idea of hacking through Armour 8 Dark Elves was appealing. I could have actually picked up Varag Ghoul Chewer for the 290K but I like having the additional reroll and the boost to getting KOed players back on the field.

Sadly he only managed a single attack before being tackled and KOing himself with his chainsaw and effectively knocking himself out of the game.

During the course of the game both Ken and I lost two players to injuries (Ken had one player killed) but sadly a lower player count really played to Ken’s speed and I once again struggled trying to contain my opponent. Especially an opponent with high AG models combined with Dodge.

The cage

The cage

My sole TD came from this play where I was not only able to get a cage built but had Ken inadvertently left the centre of the field open. My progress was helped immeasurably by Ken’s Witch Elf buying a reroll and then double-skulling to end his turn before he was able to move anyone into position to block the cage.

My team is now back to full strength as I was able to purchase a new Black Ork to fill the team out to four. During the course of my last two games I picked up an additional Linemen as well so the team is at 12 players and I will finally be able to take a casualty or KO and still field a full team.

The only player to skill-up was one of my Linemen who now has Kick. Its far too useful a skill to not have.

Lessons learned
High AG teams with Dodge don’t really care about your tackle zones
There is really nowhere an Ork team can run to get away from possible tackles

I am beginning to think that trying to build an Ork team to be a passing team is really much more difficult than trying to play them as a Grind and Bash team. The fastest player on the team is MA 6 and this is enough to out-distance my Black Orks but not enough to out-distance the oppositions Blitzers.

Next game I am going to try to see if I can build a strategy to use my Bliters to support each other in passing and running plays and use the rest of the team to clear the field for them.

Sadly a lot of the tactics I am trying to use are ones that I built up while playing my Skaven team previously and, as you can imagine, they don’t work very well for Orks.