FF-Fields Orc field arrives

The Fed-Ex driver stopped by today and dropped off the Orc field I ordered from FF-Fields.

Orc field

Orc field

This is one of their standard fields and I ordered it through Impact! Miniatures.

The field was shipped via Fed-Ex, as you would expect from an Italian company, and was meticulously packed. The field was rolled into a tube and each end had a cap that was stapled into place and then taped.

The field was covered in a plastic wrap and the inside of the tube was filled with packing peanuts to avoid any crushing damage.

The field is exactly as pictured on the website and is printed on a seemingly strong vinyl in high resolution. The grass pattern on the field has some pixelation but its only noticeable when you get quite close.

The only issue I have with it is that the score markers only go up to three and the scatter diagram is slightly difficult to read. Other than that it looks incredible. I can’t wait to get my first game in with this and I am excited about finishing my Orc team so I can play on the field with a painted team.

I like it so much that I am going to get a custom field made that is a bit more generic and slightly more evil looking. The FF-Fields website has several examples of custom fields they have created and I will be saving up to get mine.