More miniatures on the workbench

I took a quick trip to Sentry Box this morning to spend some of my Xmas/birthday money. I picked up some more figures for my Menoth army, some GW plastics to build a Chaos Blood Bowl team and a limited edition Candy and Cola figure for Super Dungeon Explore. Oddly the entire stock of SDE boxed games were sold out but for some reason they still had a Candy and Cola blister available. I suspect that perhaps the news about the mini didn’t get out as much as the general news about the game.

For Warmachine I picked up a metal Kreoss figure, Severius and a Reclaimer. I also grabbed the last blister of Flame Guard figures for a full unit. I only have two more Secret Weapon bases left so those will be reserved for the Reclaimer and Severius.

Once the Scotlings are painted I will start to assemble the Chaos team. I actually have a set of metal figures but I really like the plastic Beastmen and Chaos Warrior figures and happily Sentry Box routinely sells four and five model bags made from the GW plastic boxed set.