More Menoth and Khador

I was out today at Trilogy Games here in South West Calgary to meet up with Cory and do a trade for his Firestorm Armada Sorylian figs. While I was there I managed to pick up another copy of the Warmachine Two Player starter set for $75. The set was missing the rulebook but I didn’t really care as I was just interested in the figures.

Another unit of Cinerators is a good thing and I plan to use the two Menoth Heavy Jacks to create one Character Jack and then use the second, along with a Heavy Jack kit to create two other Jacks.

I’ll be doing the same with the Khador Jacks from the set. One will be turned into Black Ivan and the other, along with some magnets, and a Heavy Jack kit will be turned into two other Jacks.

I plan to build a very small mostly Jack army for Khador. I’ve become enthralled with Kommander Harkevich since I read about him in Wrath and so I am slowly assembling a set of Khador Jacks and some Man O’ War models for a force.

Happily I still have 40mm bases from my stash of bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures but I will still have to wait to finish assembling the rest of my Menoth infantry until my order arrives. It shipped with characteristic quickness from Justin and the team at SWM but I suspect that the Xmas rush has already hit Canada Post and it is still to arrive here.

Once that shipment arrives I have two Flame Guard and four Exemplar Errants to base. Hopefully they will make it before our local Foodmachine event on the 17th.