What an odd year

This had to really be one of the stranger years I’ve had. After living in Vancouver for over twenty years, Michelle got a job in Calgary and the family packed up and moved. As part of that move I sold and gave away quite a lot of gaming material, terrain and figures. I also sold off all of my Warmachine and Hordes figures including my rather sizable Cryx force. I still rather regret that since it was a fun faction and I had over 100 points of painted figures.

Between packing the house, selling off some of my extraneous gaming collection and then moving and unpacking I have not really painted a lot this year. 2010 was a bonus year for painting but I have really not gotten back into the painting groove since moving and we are going to once again be packing up and moving to our new, and hopefully final, home in February so I suspect that once again my painting is going to go to hell until the middle of next year.

During the move to Calgary I did a bit of online research to see what sort of games were being played and it appeared that Warhammer and 40K were really the only game in town. Part of this was due to the lack of online activity by most of the Warmachine community in Calgary which wasn’t as active online as the community in Vancouver. So I did some trades and deals and converted some of my figures into a 40K Ork army and a Chaos Daemon force for Warhammer.

The 40K experiment proved to be a disaster. As much work as GW has put into improving 40K it is really a horribly substandard game. I think that anyone who has had an opportunity to play a more modern game will find 40K unplayable and the few games I did manage to get in were really a mess. Nothing shows how sadly deficient the game is than having a unit of 20 models watch as an opposing force bounds across the table and slaughters them.

Needless to say that army went back on the trading block quickly.

Warhammer was a different matter. The changes made in the most recent edition have made it a more fun and less deterministic game. GW’s focus on getting large, monstrous units into each army is a bit annoying but the game is still fun and a hoot to play.

While I like the game I am less inclined to play it only because I found a large group of Warmachine players and also decided to splurge on the Warmachine Two Player starter set. So in the last few weeks I have put together a small Menoth force and the pieces for Jack focused Khador army.

While I like Warhammer it really can’t compete against Warmachine in terms of tactical options and, IMO, pure fun. So given my limited hobby time I will be focusing on Warmachine.

The other big gaming surprise this year has been Blood Bowl. I played a bit of the game in Vancouver and was even in a league for some time but gave the game up due mostly to a dislike of the timed turns that most people in the city seemed to prefer. Happily the Calgarly legue shares my dislike of timed turns and so I am once again playing Blood Bowl and happily expanding my teams.

Clearly the biggest change this year has been my sale of Tabletop Gaming News. After seven years of daily. Was posting I decided to pass the torch to a new team to continue running the site. The biggest change, aside from the additional free time I have, is that I am also to just focus on my gaming and not worry about spending time online looking for news or new lurches of information. While it was fun to build the site and explore the hobby and the various manufacturers in the industry I am glad to now have more time to spend with my family and justarticatinb in the hobby.