The one constant in 2011 was change. We moved cities, I attempted to change games, my painting area moved locations in the house and the twins continue to change and evolve and make different demands on my time. A year ago they required a lot more direct interaction and now they happily play on their own leaving me time to read.

Typically this is the time of the year when one makes resolutions for the coming year but with another move, to a new home in Calgary, with the resultant chaos that brings I think it would be pointless to make any. Instead I want to talk about my intentions and desires for the year.

I want to paint more
2010 was really a good year in terms of my painting output but 2011 was quite abysmal. I certainly don’t lack for things to paint (who does?) but I need to get back into the habit of painting and make a regular effort to do so.

I like having painted teams and forces and I just need to focus on it and make it happen.

I want to game more
I actually did manage to get in a good number of games this year. Mostly due to Michelle being quite willing to let me wander off for weekly gaming outings. I really do miss having my own table and terrain available and the new house will have space for both. So I will be able to host games at my place making fit a lot easier to get in Warmachine and Blood Bowl games.

Focus, focus, focus
One of my long-term problems has been my inability to focus on one game for too long. Writing for TGN really didn’t make that much easier for me. Having a constant influx of information and images of new games and miniatures made my GDS even worse than normal. This year I want to try to focus more on Warmachine and Blood Bowl. While I do like Warhammer, it was really a game I decided to play because I thought I couldn’t find any Warmachine gamers. Blood Bowl continues to provide great times and with our move I finally want to start my House League so I can have people over to play games with teams that have skilled players and develop as we game with them.

Ultimately I have to realize that I am very lucky and in a very privileged position to even have to means and opportunity to play these games and have the figures and armies that I have. Resolutions and intentions aside even if 2012 is exactly the same as 2011 I will be happy and darned lucky.