So a funny thing happened this week. After quite a hiatus I am once again going to start to play Epic: Armageddon. After some years of playing the game I was unable to get anyone interested in the game in Vancouver and so I sold all of my figures and my terrain and gave up on the game. This wasn’t much of a big deal then as I wasn’t missing out on any gaming opportunities.

When I moved to Calgary there wasn’t anyone playing the game but recently there has been an explosion of interest at Sentry Box and there are six to ten people playing or building armies. Mike, of Uncle Mike/Strange Aeons fame, has been bugging me for some time to get back into playing and after months of resisting I have caved in and am once again building a force for Epic:A.

In my previous Epic:A experience I have played Marines, Guard and, obviously, Chaos. So when I thought about what army I wanted to play this time I immediately removed Guard and Marines. Marines are too unforgiving to use as an army to restart playing the game. Guard are fun but I have played them a lot. Chaos is obviously out as well. I spent several years building and converting my previous army (including the horde of Daemons) and there is just no way I can rebuild anything even resembling that army.

So that left Orks. There are other armies to build but it will be a lot easier to find and buy figures for one of the main Epic:A armies. There are a lot of figures available for the Orks and in a few days I have been able to assemble close to 3500 points of minis. I have several packages of figures coming in from Bartertown and I also picked up some Battlewagons, Buggies and plastic troops to start assembling a force as soon as I can.



  1. Ah epic, I do miss it. I remember when EA & the armies were in development and I was playing a game every week with a dedicated group. It would be very hard to find any players in my area now. Still it is nice to know some are playing.

    1. I’m so happy I could dance. I love the game and its really my only gaming entry into the 40K universe. You used to create so many great conversions and models.

      How goes the Roller Derby?

      1. After 3 years of derby it looks like I may be done. I am not 100% certain yet. I decided to take the first quarter off from skating. So I have some free time for gaming stuff. I may even paint my first figure since 2009.

        recently I did think about running a Horus Heresy era Battle of Istvaan III using Epic figures. But for now I think I am going to delve into the world of 15mm sci-fi stuff. I’ve been wanting to try out Tomorrow’s War.

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