Thoughts on basing Orks

I think it says something about me as a hobbyist that I am putting about as much thought into how to base my Epic Orks as Michelle is putting into determining the correct wall colours for our new house. I expect some small amount of friendly grief about this blog post after she reads it. :-)

So I have two primary issues that I need to deal with. How to base my Nobz stands and how to base individual figures such as Big Gunz and Killa Kans. I suspect that at this point Michelle has stopped reading :-)

I see that a lot of people use five Nobz figures to create a stand of Nobz. You can even see this in photos in the Epic: Armageddon rulebook. For some reason I really don’t like how it looks visually or how it fits with the rules. Typically, in the past, I have made a Nobz base with two Nobz, two of the larger Big Shoota models and a Boyz or Grot model. It shows that they are Nobz, it is visually distinct from the Boyz stands and it also has the two Big Shootas that the unit has in the rules.

The issue is that I picked up some Ork stands in a trade and there are already a large number of Nobz stands done in the more traditional “5 Nobz per stand” style. I wonder if I need to try to remove the figures and create new bases or just suck it up and make some more similar stands to fill my force out?

On a similar note, I will be creating command and single model stands using some round 25mm bases. Sadly I already have a pile of Grots on rectangular bases so I can’t try to find 20mm round bases for them, but I think that it will look good if my Warlord stand and models such as Buggies, Wartracks and Dreads are on round bases. It will make them visually distinct and also avoid using the square bases which I really hate.

I found a great source of round bases, the 40K Cities of Death stratagem counters that have been sitting in my tokens and accessories box for several long years. Now they can finally be put to a good use.