Forge World order arrives

You can’t play Epic without Forge World. At least I can’t. Add to this the odd fact that currently Forge World Epic models are cheaper than the metal Epic figures from Games Workshop. So I expanded my growing Epic Ork army with Flak Wagons and aircraft from Forge World. They look better and they are less expensive.

As is usual my experience with UPS was the usual nightmare. Odd that the company has such a good reputation in the US but has such hideous service elsewhere. I wrote Forge World about it and the next time I make an order with them I will actually split it into smaller portions so I can use Royal Mail. Yes, UPS is Canada is so bad that I would rather pay two Royal Mail shipping charges.

I started assembling the Flak Wagons and Fightas last night. I picked up an Aeronautica Imperialis air force for the Orks. An Epic Ork force requires a lot of aircraft for it to be effective (they are individually really substandard) and I want to have either two wings of six aircraft each or one huge wing of 9. Its not like I’ll be using CAP with the Orks so I might as well go big and get the morale benefits from a large formation. I will be mixing Fightas and Fighta Bombas in the formations and that should allow me to field 12 Forge World models.

I also have an Ork Bommer to use in Aeronautica Imperialis but also as an Ork Landa for Epic. Might as well get the most out of the purchase by using it in two games :-)