Moving along with the moving

Well its been a bust few days here but there has been next to no real hobby activity. We’ve been working on packing the contents of our current house up and getting it ready to ship to the new house.

Its an odd feeling being a home-owner. I now have to fix the darned house when it breaks and there is going to be a lot of household tasks in my future that I’ve never had to do before. The location and the house are worth the effort though and its charming as hell to see just how happy this makes Michelle. Thats worth it on its own.

We also have a new fridge and range thanks to a generous gift from my mother. I’ve never lived anywhere that has had a new stove or fridge. Its a strange feeling really.

The hobby room is mostly packed. I hope to finish it tonight and then start on the rest of the house. I have a huge pile of boxes and next to it is a smaller pile of miniature cases and a box that contains the figures that I will be transporting by hand. Forge World Epic Ork minis are not something I want crushed by movers.

It is going to be exciting to have my table and terrain accessible again and it looks as if I will have to put together some more Epic terrain so I can start running Epic games at home as well.