Warhammer 40K Dark Millenium

Codex Imperialis So a funny thing happened the other day. I recently picked up a Space Marine force for Epic: Armageddon and a large part of it is painted as a Space Wolf force. I decided it was going to be less trouble to continue that paint scheme and so I started to do some reading on the Chapter using some of my 40K books as reference. For some odd reason the only Space Wolf codex I have is from 40K second edition and so while browsing through that I happened to read through the battle report that was included. Jervis’ Orks fought Andy with his Space Wolves and the battle report ended with the usual Jervis Johnson loss.

So I started going through some of the other Codexes and reading the battle reports and was startled to find that the games were fairly fast, ridiculously cheesy, didn’t focus overly much on vehicles and had, by todays standards, very small figure counts for 2000pt battles.

It is also clearly a game focused on character, randomness and being stupidly fun which strikes me as the anti-thesis of the tournament balanced game that is currently being played.

It also has lots of cards, a severe problem with balance and no real sense of taking itself seriously.

It sounds like fun.

I have some Space Marines kicking around that I’ve been unable to part with as well as the odd Eldar figure. Given the huge price difference in core troops it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together two forces to game with and then try to corrupt some current 40K players into playing this distant relation of the 5th Edition rules.



  1. I do miss some of the 2nd Ed cheese, but only some. There’s only so many times you can lose a game due to high-flying Swooping Hawks descending on a capture point in the last turn before it gets a little tiresome.

    The same goes for wiping out an entire Ork army with Virus Outbreak, or a Hive Tyrant getting sucked into the Warp the first time it uses a psychic power.

    But I can’t complain too much. The Squats were still around in this version, and that’s awesome!

    1. I recently played a game of 8th Ed WFB and my Skaven opponent destroyed three of my largest units with a Plague spell. Random aflicts us all :-)

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