Well it took a heck of a long time but I finally played a game of Epic: Armageddon after a multi-year (5?) absence from the game. I do not joke when I say that if I could I would play nothing other than Epic. Its easily my favourite game and there isn’t an army in the game I don’t enjoy playing, collecting and painting.

I played my recently acquired Ork force and Gord brought out a smattering of his enormous Imperial Guard collection.

My army was:
Warband (BIG) [910]
12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, 4 Nobz, Warlord, 10 Battlewagon, 2 Flakwagon

Kult Of Speed [200]
6 Buggy, 2 Skorcha

Mekboy Stompamob [225]
3 Stompa

Fighta Squadron [300]
6 Fighta Bomba

Blitz Brigade [270]
4 Gunwagon, 2 Skorcha, 2 Flakwagon

Stormboyz Warhorde [200]
8 Stormboyz

Kult Of Speed [200]
6 Buggy, 2 Skorcha

Warband (BIG) [685]
12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, 6 Nobz, Big Gunz (Soopagun Odd Boy), 2 Big Gunz

The idea was that the non-motorized Warband would hold my table objectives and that I would engage his BTS formation with my motorized Warband. The Kults of Speed were for flanking attacks, supporting fire and Crossfire and the Fighta Squadron was to shoot things :-)

Gord had (from my best recollection)

Regimental Hq [800]
Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera, Tank Squadron (3 Demolishers), Hydra, 2 Ogryns

Tank Company [850]
9 Leman Russ, Vanquisher, Hellhound Squadron (3 Hellhounds), Hydra

Rough Rider Platoon [150]
6 Rough Riders

Storm Trooper Platoon [350]
8 Storm Troopers, Valkyrie Transport

Artillery Battery [250]
3 Basilisks

Marauder Bombers [300]
2 Marauders

Vulture Squadron [300]
4 Vultures

Sadly Gord’s BTS objective was the Tank Company and I had nothing that could touch it. My Gargant is still in the box and I am custom building my Supa Stompa so my force has next to nothing to deal with a Leman Russ Company.

Turn 1 was the standard move up and prepare to fight turn. Gord blew the hell out of my motorized Warband with this one-shot Vulture rockets. I had stupidly left the troops embarked and it was a big of a disaster with 13 units being removed. He also broke a Kult of Speed with a barrage from his Artillery battery. I forgot just how much damage even a small unit of Basilisks can do. I was happy to destroy his Marauder wing with my Fightas.

Turn 2 saw me start to inflict some small amount of damage to his Motorized Infantry but with the damage that he inflicted on turn 1 I was at a bit of a firepower disadvantage. Ork shooting is really bad and when you factor in the Double Moves that you invariably have to make in order to activate then any reduction in numbers really means that your shooting quickly looses effectiveness. Gord moved his Motorized Infantry to my side of the board and I moved in my two Warbands to face them off.

Gord won the game at the end of turn three with a 3-0 score. Both my Warbands got destroyed in turn three by assaults and the game was won, as I predicted, by whomever could get off their assaults first given the mass of formations close to one another. It was gamble that didn’t pay off for me but I had a lot of fun and, more importantly, I got to play Epic again.

Some thoughts from the game:

• Kult of Speed formations are pretty fragile even with 6 units. I think I’ll go with 16 or more in the future.

• The Fightas were very effective but that had more to do with Gord only taking a single air formation and limited flak.

• Stompas are slow and need Supa Stompas to really give the formation some firepower.

• The Stormboyz were not as effective as I thought and it seems as if they need to be used more akin to their role in 40K where you use them to counter-attack and provide crossfires. They certainly are not on par with the Raptor formation from the CSM list which is what I was using them as.

I am leaning toward doing something like this for my next game. It has fewer activations but I think that it will be a lot harder to break formations and a lot easier for the vehicle formations to rally and remove BMs.

Warband (BIG) [890]
12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, 4 Nobz, Warlord, 2 Flakwagon, 8 Battlewagon, 2 Big Gunz

Warband (BIG) [610]
12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, 4 Nobz, 2 Dreadnought, 2 Killa Kan

Kult Of Speed (BIG) [350]
14 Buggy, 2 Skorcha

Blitz Brigade (BIG) [300]
5 Gunwagon, 2 Flakwagon, Gunwagon (Supa-Zzap Odd Boy)

Mekboy Stompamob [545]
3 Stompa, Supa Stompa (2 Soopagunz, Mega-Chopper), 2 Flakwagon

Fighta Squadron [300]
6 Fighta Bomba



  1. Last week I played my first game of Epic in 5-6 years. I said a similar statement to my gaming group. Epic ranks as one of my all time favorite games and I love playing it.

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