What an odd turn of events

I was thinking of Gen Con 2012 and what would be presented there and it got me to thinking about the games I currently play and how my gaming habit has changed of late.

There are four games that I currently play and one that I will soon be playing:

  • Epic: Armageddon
  • Blood Bowl
  • Urban War
  • Warmachine
  • Warhammer 40K Second Edition

Notice a pattern? Except for Urban War and Warmachine I am playing games that are over 20 years old (in terms of models or rules). And to be fair my Warmachine playing time has been quite limited recently due to getting ready to play Epic and 40K2. I am beginning to fear that I am turning into one of those “old guys” who only plays games from his youth. In fact the 40K Second Edition rules and models are the version that was current when I was more actively gaming in my youth (hence my visceral and nostalgic reaction to the figures and books).

Its not anything that I am actually worried about but it does make me wonder how much of my previous gaming was based less on my actual desires and more on my exposure to news via TGN and my immersion in all of the new and interesting games coming out or being developed. Since leaving TGN I have reverted to (happily in this case) playing Epic and a series of older GW games and have really lost interest in many of the newer games available.

In any case it is nice that I can find people interested in these games (and in fact our Blood Bowl league is huge) so I can play them once again (or for the first time).



  1. I’d be tempted to give 40k 2nd ed a try (again). Doubt I could find players. I know 2nd ed is the version I played the most of any. Though I’d want to “retrograde” the Dark Eldar. Are you using the Battle Bible v1.5.1 or just original rules and codices?

  2. I was lucky enough to have an almost complete set of rulebooks and I just needed to get the templates, wargear cards etc

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