The peril of choice

So my recent fondness for 40K Second Edition has me revisiting my 40K Space Marines.

Quite some time ago I picked up a force of Imperial Guard and Marine figures from a Vancouver gamer. Both armies were based on 3rd Edition figures and I flogged the Guard on eBay and kept the Marines. The Marine army was a bit of a mess. The force came with a huge number of very well painted vehicles but the Marine models were horribly painted. Not only badly painted but the paint itself was poor quality and couldn’t even be used as a basecoat.

I made a few attempts to sell the vehicles (I stripped the models and sold many of them as they were all metal Dark Angel models) but as you cane expect, no-one wanted to buy a set of older vehicles painted in a non-standard colour scheme.

To complicate matters I already have a vehicle and several Marines painted in my own colour scheme (Medium Blue and Black armour with brass accents) that I am quite fond of.

With the recent push to get some more miniatures assembled for 40K Second Edition I have a bit of a conundrum. I have a large number of painted miniatures that don’t match my existing Marines but which I would like to use. Or at least get some value out of. I would also like to not waste the effort I put into painting my other Marines.

I have decided them to finish off a few of my blue/black Marines so I have two full squads of Tactical Marines. I am also going to be building and painting a Rhino for them. In addition I will be starting to paint the rest of my existing Marines in a green/black scheme to match the vehicles I have and then use them as a Crusade force made of two different Chapters.

At least until such point as I have enough figures done for either force to field them on their own.