Skaven suit me better

The third season of our local Blood Bowl league is at its half-way point and I have to say that I am enjoying my Skaven team considerably more than my Orks. To be fair I haven’t had the bad luck with injuries that plagued my Orks but the running and passing game that I seem to want to play is a much more tactically sound play style with the Skaven. In fact my Skaven Thrower is number two in the league in terms of completions and I have two players on the top ten TD list.

I also recently added a Rat Ogre to the team. In my last game he spent most of the game in the KO box but really if people are beating on him then they are spending less time beating on my other rats.

The next half of the league is going to be a lot tougher and I suspect that my position in some of the top ten lists for league performance might suffer as I have to play some of the better teams and better coaches next. Including Rob and his team of über skilled Elves who appear to be able to win games 8-0 with only nine or ten players on the field. At least I don’t have any Orks to worry about in the second half.



  1. Your definitely doing better this season. Are you carry them over for the next season? Interested to see how you contend with a season of development behind you…

    1. I suspect that I will be playing them next season as well. If only to see if I can get a skill on a Blitzer.

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