Epic Eldar arrive

Canada Post brought a surprise today, a long awaited Epic Eldar force. As much as I like the Eldar in Epic I really don’t like the price of the figures nor do I really like the old models. So I have been without an Epic Eldar army since I didn’t want to splash the cash required for one nor use the Space Marine or Epic 40K models.

I was doing a trade a while ago and this Epic force was offered out of the blue. Happily I was in a position to snap it up and so I now have a great start for an army. While there are a few things missing the army has two Warhosts worth of plastic troops, a full array of Aspect Warriors, reveal SHTs, nine Forge World Wave Serpents and a Warlock titan.

As you would expect, given the number of figures that is available, there are still a few things I would like to get for the force but aside from an Avatar and a Wraithgate the army is complete.

Unpainted but complete. :-)

It also has three of the E:A Eldar Super Heavy Tanks which I absolutely adore. Not only are they great looking models and very true to the Eldar design themes but they are also a dream to paint and provide a pretty wide canvas on which to paint.

I am going to want to expand this force but luckily I have a large lot of Space Marine era Chaos metal figures as well as a number of older Imperial figures that I should be able to trade for what I am missing.

Mind you, this is now just another distraction from my 40K Marines :-)