Painting and prep work

Did a bit of work downstairs on my Space Marines and Epic Eldar figures last night. Did a wash on the Tactical squad for my, still, unnamed green Marines as well as getting my Epic Eldar ready to be primed. I also added some Guardians to the Farseer stands to fill them out to five figures and rebased the Jetbikes on Warmaster sized bases and made them three figures to a stand as per the rules.

The Eldar all need to be primed, most likely white since they are going to be a Biel-tan force, but I am still not sure if I want to sand the bases first or prime and paint them first. Both processes have their pros and cons and I haven’t really made up my mind yet.

I also need to build an Autarch stand to act as a Supreme Commander for the force. I have some of the old Epic 40K Exarch figures that I will use to build one as well as one or two of the metal Exarchs from the Court of the Young King that accompanies the Avatar metal figure.

Next up for the Marines is to re-establish the base colour over the washed areas and then start adding the black trim to the figures. Then it is some quick highlights and basing. I will save the additional details for any character models I build. I am also hoping to finish off four more of my March Warden Marines to have two full Tactical squads of that Chapter done.

At some point I hope to finish off a figure so I can add it to my 2012 Painting page which is, as of yet, empty.

And, apropos of nothing, I’d like to mention how much I love and appreciate my support and affection wife. :-)



  1. I’m looking foward to see how your forces turn out.
    Ever consider doing terrain pieces for them?

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