Playing Epic Eldar

I started painting the first troops for my Epic Eldar army. All the infantry have had their bases sanded and are primed and I put the base coat on the first Guardian formation last night. I am doing some tests with various washes to see which one I will be using on the rest of the troops and at the moment it is a tie between Secret Weapon Miniatures Soft Body Black and Baal Red.

I have been trying to figure out how to tame the official Swordwind Biel Tan army list. It is quite powerful and I really don’t want to put people off the army and/or the game by stomping them with the list. The official Eldar list is very friendly to new players but experienced Epic gamers or people with a lot of experience with the Eldar list can easily crush their opponents.

I checked out the NetEA Eldar list that was created and posted on Tactical Command. There are things that I like in it but there are a few changes that I think are, to be blunt, ham-fisted. There are things that I like about it but there are enough questionable changes to it that I can’t really justify using it.

So what I am going to do is make two changes (both from the NetEA list and also suggested some time ago on the old play testers forum) which is to remove the Spirit Stones rule and also, once I get Firestorms, to remove the AA ability from the Fire Prism. Those two changes should be enough to make the Eldar more fragile and also make them a bit more susceptible to aircraft attacks.