Adepticon 2013

As of today I am officially going to be attempting to build and paint a 40K army and take it to Adepticon 2013.

I am not sure what the underlying reason for this is other than it seems like a hell of a lot of fun and I have always wanted to go to an event like this and just game for days on end.

So that means that I will be starting a 40K force. I already have some painted Marines and some Eldar but both of those forces have been built for 40K Second Edition. I have a strange fondness for the new Necron models and vehicles and so I believe that I will be planning, building and painting them.

I need to start trading to pick up some of the core models though so if you have any Necrons lurking about that you don’t want check out my trade list and see if I have anything you might want to trade for them.