Epic gaming

Mike and I met at Sentry Box for a 3000pt game of Epic: Armageddon. I brought out my new, and wholly unpainted, Eldar force to try out and also avoid having an Ork v. Ork battle.

My army was:

Wraithgate [50]
Avatar [0]
Guardian Warhost [350]
Farseer, 7 Guardians, 3 Support Weapon Platforms, 3 Wraithguard
Guardian Warhost (Mounted) [350]
Farseer, 4 Wave Serpents, 4 Guardians, 3 Heavy Weapon Platform
Aspect Warrior Warhost [550]
4 Dire Avenger, 4 Dark Reaper, 2 Exarch, 4 Wave Serpent
Windrider Troupe [200]
6 Jetbike
Phoenix Bombers [400]
3 Phoenix Bombers
Fire Prism Troupe [250]
3 Fire Prisms
Engines Of Vaul Troupe [250]
Engines Of Vaul Troupe [250]
Engines Of Vaul Troupe [250]
Void Spinner
Ranger Troupe [100]
4 Ranger

Mike’s army was (to the best of my recollection):
Great Gargant [850]
2 Twin Soopagun, Warlord
Warband (Big) [490]
12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, 4 Nobz
Blitz Brigade (Big) [525]
8 Gunwagon, Gunwagon (Soopagun Odd Boy), Gunwagon (Supa-Zzap Odd Boy), 3 Flakwagon
Blitz Brigade (Big) [420]
8 Gunwagon, Gunwagon (Soopagun Odd Boy), Gunwagon (Supa-Zzap Odd Boy)
Mekboy Stompamob [575]
3 Stompa, Supa Stompa (3 Soopagunz), 4 Killa Kan
Fighta Squadron [150]
3 Fighta Bomba

Mike’s army was possibly over points but I am not 100% sure. Mike also has a lot of vehicles but very few infantry and so it was a lot more manageable of a force for me. We talked after the game about how to beef the force up and also make the Blitz Brigades more effective.

The game ended on turn three with me having a 3:0 objective count (Blitz, Defend the Flag and They shall not pass). I managed to break on of his Blitz Brigades that was sitting on my Blitz objective and that gave me two objectives and won me the game.

As expected the Eldar were fast, nasty in firefights and utterly fragile. I played without the Spirit Stones rule and I could immediately see the impact of it as I had several formations that kept a single Blast Marker over the course of turn two and three. All of those formations would have been clear of BMs with the rule.

The best moment of the game for me was winning an Assault with my Aspect formation and have a combat difference of +13 before the dice roll. Mike rolled abysmally low and I rolled well but I did seven casualties on his Blitz Brigade and then saved all the hits Mike did in return. So +7 for casualties, +2 for BMs, +2 for doubling and finally +2 for the Inspiring Exarchs. It was a crushing assault and it cleared the way for my Jetbikes to take the Blitz objective the next turn.

There was nothing I could do about Mike’s Gargant and so I just ignored it for the game expect for turn 2 when I fired at it with my Cobra to try to place a BM on it to see if I could get it to fail an activation.

The game went pretty much according to plan (a rarity for me :-) and, as I expected, I had a grand time.