On second thought …

Well there is nothing like sticker shock to make one changes plans. I was originally planning on building a Necron force for Adepticon 2013 but then I started checking out the price of the new models. A unit of Wraiths is going to set me back something like $100. Individual Spyders are $40 and the Immortals and other elite units are $40 for five models.

Now when you consider the parts in the kits these aren’t actually bad prices. The Immortals box has an insane number of pieces and the Spyder kit has all the parts required for three different types of units. I will not fault GW for giving you value for your money in this regard.

Value aside, I don’t have the funds to build a Necron army from scratch and so I will have to look at repurposing some existing figures for an Adepticon force. I have Marines, Eldar and Imperial Guard available but all of the have their issues.

The Marines would be the easiest to paint but sadly the force I already have built is based on 30mm round-lipped bases and not the standard 25mm GW bases. While this isn’t an issue for friendly play I suspect that it would be problematic for a tournament. I have a suitable start to a Guard army but I really don’t know if I have the time or energy to paint a Guard army. The models I have are all unpainted and all my vehicles are still unassembled so that force would be quite a challenge. That leaves the Eldar. I should be able to trade some of my existing models to get the figures I need to fill out my existing collection of models. I primarily need some vehicles and a few walkers. I have most of the troops and a large number of Aspect Warriors.

So it looks as if the plan is still a go but I now have to catalogue what I have for Eldar figures and start working on trading for the rest of the army.



  1. Wonder if it wouldnt be wise to see how the new edition is gonna play out first. Ive kinda put 40k on the shelf for the time being since the other games have my attention…

    1. Besides, the next edition will fix some issues and cause others. I doubt that it will make that big a difference to my appreciation of the game.

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