More Epic Eldar painted

Michelle and the twins were out of town this weekend and so I had some time to get some figures painted and based. Sadly I also developed the cold that the twins had and so while I had scads of free-time I didn’t get as much done as I would have wanted.

I quickly painted up 5 Dark Reaper stands, 4 Striking Scorpion stands and 4 Eldar Fire Dragon stands. I also finished the bases on them as well as the 16 Guardian stands I painted previously. The bases still need a bit of work but if push comes to shove they are usable in a game in their current state.

To finish off the bases I want to add some brown dirt patches to the grey “rubble” bases and also do a test with some of the Secret Weapon Miniatures Cement Wash to see what sort of look that gives to the bases.

In the end I will have spent twice as much time on the bases as I did on the figures :-)