Epic Beatdown

Cam and I got together on Sunday at Sentry Box today to play a 3000pt game of Epic: Armageddon. Cam played the developmental Blood Angels list and I played the Swordwind Eldar list with my usual changes.

Cam demolished my army in three turns helped in no small part to my inability to make important, or most, activation rolls. IIRC I failed to activate my Scorpion at all and I also failed a critical roll to retain and advance a formation of War Walkers out of a Storm Serpent. That last failed activation was probably the turning point of the game since the War Walkers were going to take out the Whirlwind formation that was blasting my Windrider Host to pieces and then advance to Cam’s Blitz objective.

Cam had a formation of two Warhounds which had free reign the entire game as I couldn’t get my Scorpion to shoot or get in range to shoot. So the Guardians on my Blitz objective were mowed down by them and broken. They also managed to chew up a large part of my Aspect Warrior Host.

The biggest problem was AA. My Fire Prisms got chewed up pretty quickly and I don’t own any Nightwings so the Thunderhawk, Thunderbolts and Marauders had little to no opposition in the game.

After my rout of Mike’s Orks it was a humbling reminder of just how fragile the Eldar are and how you really need to adjust your tactics when faced with an army that can actually shoot.

I really need to make sure that my next force has an Autarch in it. I also need to finish my trade with Matt so I can get the Nightwings that are part of it on the table so I can have something to deal with Marauders.

It was a fun game but I knew at the end of turn two that I was doomed. Hopefully next time I will have better luck.