I met up with Cam at Sentry Box yesterday and had a rematch against his Blood Angel force. I tweaked my army somewhat from our last game and took

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Wraithgate [50]

Guardian Warhost [375]
Farseer, 7 Guardians, 3 Wraithlords, 3 Support Weapon Platforms

Guardian Warhost [475]
Farseer, 4 Guardians, 3 Wraithguards, 3 Wraithlords, 3 Heavy Weapon Platform

Aspect Warrior Warhost [600]
4 Dire Avenger, Exarch, Autarch, 4 Wave Serpent, 4 Dark Reaper

Engine Of Vaul Troupe [250]

War Walker Troupe [200]
6 War Walkers

Swords Of Vaul Troupe [250]
3 Falcon, 2 Fire Storm

Engine Of Vaul Troupe [250]
Storm Serpent

Swords Of Vaul Troupe [310]
Fire Storm, 4 Fire Prism

Windrider Troupe [200]
4 Jetbike, 2 Vyper

Cam took (from memory)

Death Company [350]
Chaplain, 4 Tactical Death Company units, Vulcan Dreadnought

Thunderhawk [200]

Tactical Detachment [525]
6 Tacticals, Rhinos, Supreme Commander, 2 Vulcan Dreadnought

Tactical Detachment [500]
6 Tacticals, Rhinos, 2 Vulcan Dreadnought, Blood Angels Hunter

Thunderbolt Fighters [175]
2 Thunderbolts

Marauder Bombers [250]
2 Mauraders

Land Speeders [200]
5 Land Speeder

Assault Detachment [250]
6 Assault Units

Cam also took a formation of two Warhounds which aren’t in the Blood Angels list but are too fun to exclude :-)

The biggest change in my army structure was the addition of some AA and the Exarch. There are too many 2+ rolls to activate in this army (3+ if there are BMs) and a lot of 5+ rolls to Rally. I also knew Cam would have a lot of air formations and since I still don’t have my Nightwings I opted for some AA.

The largest change (and I am still working on it) was in play style. Unlike the Orks, the Marines can, and will, attack from range and so I kept my Aspect Warriors and both Guardian formations in reserve to keep them from getting fired on. Both Guardian formations where going to come from either the Wraithgate or the Storm Serpent and the Aspect Warriors were going to be my last activation in turn 1 to keep them from getting stomped by Warhounds, aircraft or Whirlwinds.

Eldar are easy to manoeuvre so there is no need to place them on or near objective like you would with an Ork army. They also have little to know armour save, unlike Chaos for instance, and so if you do put them into play early they will take fire and lose units. Leading them to break quickly or just dissolve.

So my plan was to leave my infantry off the table until I was forced to play them or could use them to take objectives on Cam’s table half via the Storm Serpent.

My plan pretty much went as expected. I was able to keep Cam pinned down and I used a Guardian formation coming out of the Wraithgate to eliminate his Warhounds (with no losses to my Guardians :-) and then take out his Supreme Commander with the Aspect Warriors. I lost the Guardians to a combination of a Land Speeder/Assault formation counter attack (it was a draw on combat res so it was a 50/50 chance to win the combat) and then a Marauder bombing run.

By the end of turn two Cam only had one unbroken formation left and most of them were down to one or two units so turn three was quick as I mostly moved units into position to grab objectives. I had lost a few small formations but still have several intact formations left and more than enough to cover the objectives I wanted. At the end of turn 3 I was up 4-0 on objectives and the game was over.

A much different game from our earlier encounter and a nice lesson for me on how the Eldar should be played.