Building more troops

The figures from my latest trade arrived yesterday (thanks Matt!) and I was able to finally take my Eldar Heavy and Support Weapons from their round bases and put them on Warmaster bases. I was just basing the guns on 25mm round bases but then I saw how Carl Woodrow based his Biel-Tan Weapon Platforms and I had to do the same.

While I was at Sentry box on Sunday I picked up another blister of them and was happy to see that it contained seven platforms instead of 6. I put those together and rebased my other 6 and I now have 13 Eldar Weapon Platforms ready to sand and then paint. Next on the assembly schedule are some Forge World Firestorms and then six Night Spinners.

I have two sets of four Forge World Wave Serpents that I am in the process of painting and I will hopefully have those, and perhaps some Wraith Lords or Wraithguard, done for my next game.