iOS Strategy gaming options

In the last month or so my iPad has been the source of many, many hours of strategy gaming. While the iPhone and iPad were originally not really a hot bed of tactical or strategic gameplay, the last month has seen the release of games such as Hero Academy, Outwitters and Summoner Wars.

Both Hero Acadamy and Outwitters feature cartoon based characters and graphics while Summoner Wars uses the artwork from the board game. Don’t let the graphics fool you though, Hero Acadamy and Outwitters are very deep games with a lot of tactical options.

I play them predominantly on my iPad but all three games are universal and can play on your iPhone as well. I haven’t played Summoner Wars on my iPhone yet but Hero Acadamy and Outwitters play well on the iPhone’s smaller screen.

All three games are free and include a limited set of teams. Hero Academy has a single team and Outwitters has one team and two different levels. Summoner Wars includes a Phoenix Elves starter deck and only allows you to play against the AI. The other two games allow multi-player access and sell additional teams and maps. Summoner Wars allow you to buy starter decks and reinforcement sets. Once you make a purchase it also unlocks online play.

All three games are excellent options for tabletop gamers looking to get a little strategy game time in with their iDevices. And since they are all free there is no reason to not try them out. I am LolZac on Game Centre in anyone wants to challenge me to a game.



  1. I love Hero Academy and was looking around to see if there were more turn-based strat games, but I was not too impressed by the offerings. However, I will check these games out!

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