Scouts and a Librarian incoming

I stopped by Sentry Box yesterday to meet up with Uncle Mike and drop off some Epic Ork bits for a fortress terrain piece he is building. While I was there I grabbed a few new Marine units for the 40K Sixth Edition “warm-up” at Sentry Box next Sunday. I grabbed two boxes of the plastic Scouts and a Librarian in Power Armour. I like the idea of Scouts infiltrating an enemy’s lines and with the changes in 6th Ed. it seems as if a Librarian is a good idea.

I actually have several Librarians in Terminator armour but I wanted the Power Armoured version to keep the point cost down. The only Librarian models available were all in Finecast so my decision on which model to get wasn’t really based on which one I liked the most but which one had the least floppy weapons. Both the Force Sword and Staff equipped models had weapons that were quite bent so I settled on a model with an Axe and Plasma Pistol. I’ll try to keep my eyes open for metal versions of the other two.

I hope to have everything assembled for Sunday. We are going to play some 1000pt games to learn the rules and then perhaps start expanding into larger battles after that.