First 6th Edition game

Today was going to be our day to try out the new 40K Sixth Edition rules but as it turns out I was the only one of our group to show up. Happily though I managed to get in a game with one of the other 40K gamers there, Jerry. I had only brought troops for the 1000pt lists that we were going to try and Jerry was happy to build a list to that level.

I was playing

HQ: Space Marine Librarian in Power Armour (1#, 165 pts)
1 Space Marine Librarian in Power Armour, 165 pts = (base cost 100 + Plasma Pistol 15) + Epistolary 50

HQ: Space Marine Captain in Power Armour (1#, 150 pts)
1 Space Marine Captain in Power Armour, 150 pts = (base cost 100 + Melta Bombs 5 + Plasma Pistol x1 15 + Power Weapon x1 15) + Artificer Armour 15

Troops: Tactical Squad (10#, 175 pts)
9 Tactical Squad, 147 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Sergeant 31
1 Sergeant, 28 pts = (base cost 23 + Melta Bombs 5)

Troops: Scout Squad (10#, 185 pts)
9 Scout Squad, 140 pts = 9 * 13 (base cost 13) + Heavy Bolter w/Hellfire Shells 10 + Sergeant 58
1 Sergeant, 45 pts = (base cost 10 + Melta Bombs 5) + Plasma Pistol x1 15 + Power Weapon x1 15

Heavy Support: Devastator Squad (6#, 235 pts)
4 Devastator Squad, 157 pts = 4 * 16 (base cost 16) + Heavy Bolter x1 15 + Lascannon x1 35 + Multi-melta x1 15 + Plasma Cannon x1 25 + Sergeant 31
1 Sergeant, 28 pts = (base cost 23 + Melta Bombs 5)
1 Razorback, 50 pts = (base cost 40 + Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter 10)

Heavy Support: Whirlwind (1#, 85 pts)
1 Whirlwind, 85 pts

Total Roster Cost: 995

Jerry was playing, from memory, a Space Marine list that consisted of:

HQ: Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour (1#, 140 pts)
1 Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour, 140 pts = (base cost 125 + Storm Shield 15)

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 75 pts)
4 Scout Squad, 65 pts = 4 * 13 (base cost 13) + Sergeant 23
1 Sergeant, 10 pts

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 210 pts)
9 Tactical Squad, 147 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Sergeant 26
1 Sergeant, 23 pts
1 Razorback, 40 pts

Fast Attack: Vanguard Veteran Squad (10#, 460 pts)
1 Vanguard Veteran Squad, 0 pts
1 Sergeant, 70 pts = (base cost 45) + Jump Pack 10 + Lightning Claw 15
1 Veteran, 60 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10 + Lightning Claw x2 30)
1 Veteran, 60 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10 + Lightning Claw x2 30)
1 Veteran, 60 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10 + Lightning Claw x2 30)
1 Veteran, 60 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10 + Lightning Claw x2 30)
1 Veteran, 30 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10)
1 Veteran, 30 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10)
1 Veteran, 30 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10)
1 Veteran, 30 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10)
1 Veteran, 30 pts = (base cost 20 + Jump Pack 10)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Storm (1#, 65 pts)
1 Land Speeder Storm, 65 pts = (base cost 50) + Multi-melta 15

Total Roster Cost: 950

There were a few upgrades that he had that I don’t recall.

Jerry took the Smite and Gate of Infinity powers for his Librarian and I took two random powers from Telepathy and Pyromancy netting me the Invisibility and Flame Breath powers.

We rolled the Relic scenario with the Dawn of War deployment. I rolled Master of Offence for my Captain and Jerry rolled Legendary Fighter for his Librarian.

Things went well for me for the first few turns I put the Librarian in with my Tactical formation and he used Invisibility on them and they made a beeline for the Relic. Jerry’s Land Speeder Storm managed to wreck my Razorback but the dismounted Devestators took the Land Speeder out and then my Invisible Tactical formation assaulted the Scouts and wiped them out.

Jerry attempted to use Gate of Infinity to teleport his Tactical formation onto the Relic but that didn’t work (he failed his Psychic test) and he then spent a lot of time trying to dig my Scouts out of a ruined building on his left flank.

I managed to get the Relic and start moving it back to my line when Jerry finally managed to bring in his Vanguard Veteran Squad (broken into two Combat Squads) which took out my Whirlwind and then eliminated my Tactical squad. He managed to get a perfect drop which the Lighting Claw equipped Combat Squad which charged, due to Heroic Intervention, and then killed my entire Tac Squad including Librarian.

Once the Tac Squard was gone my options were limited. Jerry managed to actually table me before the game ended but due to the victory conditions I actually almost tied. I got the First Blood secondary objective and Jerry managed to kill my Warlord and then have a unit in my deployment zone.

Still a close game despite the slaughter. :-)

I assume that Jerry and I missed a few rules and changes in our game but there were some very bright spots for me. I like the random nature of the new pskyer powers as well as the powers themselves. The random charge ranges were a nice addition and things like the Impact Hits from Jump Pack troops adds a new option for those models as does the limitation on the number of times you can use Jump Packs in a turn.

Overwatch and Snap Fire bring more shooting to the game, which needed it to be blunt, and also adds some nominal threat to assaulting units. Since you shoot Overwatch fire shots first and then roll for the charge range you can, if that assaulting unit rolls low enough, actually cause a charge to fail based on losses due to overwatch.

Allowing Heavy Weapons to fire Snap Shots on the move as well as limiting transported troops to snap shots in some instances also adds some more options when playing. Heavy Weapons don’t need to stay in place now but they are certainly more effective. Transported Devastators now appear to be more deadly since transports can only move 6″ and disembark meaning that Devs can be transported and then still fire.

The scenarios appear to be a lot more interesting that those in 5th edition and also with the secondary objectives make it possible to win or draw even if you can’t claim the main objective or fall behind in claiming them.

Characters are clearly more important now and this harkens back to older versions of the game. My Captain in Artificer Armour was a beast in the game and the Challenges, Warlord Traits and Secondary Objective for killing the Warlord really put a focus on these characters which brings the game more in line with some of the 40K fluff and books and also gives each game a central focus.

There will be more games in the future and I’ll hopefully figure out the game a bit more and get some more experience with it. The one thing I definitely am having trouble with though is the new wound allocation. Any model with a higher Armour Save than the rest of the unit, especially characters, can be used to absorb an immense amount of firepower in shooting and assaults. It can also cause some issues in shooting when the model is second or third from the front in terms of wound allocation.

Still, certainly, at this point, the rules seem more fun and more cinematic than 5th edition.