Look! Up in the sky!

On the table being built this evening is a unit of ten Assault Marines. I have a game on Thursday and I want to not only expand my army but also try out launching Assault troops from a Land Raider Crusader. A squad of seven Assault Marines and a Chaplain with Jump Pack would be a fun parcel to unload after strafing a unit with Melta fire and the Heavy Bolters from the Crusader. The change in the Jump Pack rules mean that if you want to use the Jump Packs in a charge that you can’t have used them in the movement phase. So the simplest way to get your Assault Marines 12″ across the table is to transport them (6″ move from the transport vehicle and then a 6″ deployment move from the troops). Using a Land Raider means that you can assault but also lets you use the front assault ramp to ensure that you get as close to your target as possible.

Deep Strike is always an option but after seeing my opponent miss two turns of activity with his Vangaurd Veterans I’d rather have something more certain that a 1 in three chance to miss deploying followed by a possible scatter and potential Deep Strike mishap. Besides, I like the idea of having Jump Pack troops launching into the air after storming out of a Land Raider. Seems rather cinematic.