Assault Chaplain

ChaplainWhile I was out getting my 6th Edition dice sets I picked up the Finecast Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack to use with my Assault Marines. I finished assembling and putting sand on the bases and was ready to prime them. I think that the unit will benefit from a Chaplain and this model looks very nice.

Detail is pretty standard for the Finecast range. The arm with the bolt pistol seems to lack detail on the outer surface. Almost looks out of focus if that makes any sense. The arm also had attachment points on the edge of the shoulder guard which meant that some of the detail got lost in when I trimmed them off.

All of my HQ units are put on 40mm bases to make them immediately apparent during a game and also to allow for some more interesting looking basing options. I have some of the excellent Secret Weapon Miniatures urban rubble bases that I wanted to use for this model but sadly it comes with a small piece of rubble terrain that the Chaplain is standing on. Happily, since the model is resin, that piece just snapped off and I was able to pin the Chaplain to make him look as if he is launching himself off of some of the rubble on the base. I doubt that I would have been able to do this if the figure was metal. Not only would it have been a pain to remove the rubble on his feet but I don’t know that I could have balanced the figure on the base with a metal mini.