Marine painting update

Managed to get some more work done on my Marine army. All of my green Tactical Marines now have a second coat of Gretchin green on them. I will start doing the black details on the figures and then finish some of the faces, banners etc. I hope to have these done for the end of August.

I also finished assembling, basing and priming my Assault Marines. These are ready to go into a game but I have a unit of March Warden Devastators that I need to paint before I will be painting them. The current idea is to finish the green Tactical Marines and then the Devastators and finally the Assault Marines.

While building some larger army lists I realized that I need to add a Fast Attack option or two to my forces. I don’t have any Bikes, Land Speeders or other vehicles that I can add to an army. I have a lot of Heavy Support options (Vindicator, Predators, Whirlwinds) but nothing else to add if I need to bulk out an army.