Sine Nomine

I have had a problem for a long time. Not a bad problem to have mind you but a problem nonetheless. Quite a long time ago I purchased some 40K figures from a fellow in Vancouver. I was able to sell all of the Imperial Guard miniatures but the Space Marines he had presented a conundrum. The vehicles were professionally painted to a standard I could never match but the infantry were very poorly painted using a very simple green colour scheme. I managed to salvage some of the Terminators but the rest of the models were unusable.

I stripped some of them but was left with a Marine army that I couldn’t really use without painting a lot of infantry. I also couldn’t sell the vehicles since they were done in a non-standard paint scheme. Complicating matters, I already had a small force of my own that I had painted that I was quite fond of.

So what to do.

I have been pondering this for some time and with my renewed interested in 40K thanks to the latest 6th Edition rules, it became a more important issue since I wanted to use those green Marine vehicles. I needed a thematic way to explain the joint operations that the two Chapters were undertaking and also the odd nature of the forces as most of the Terminators I own are from the green colour scheme.

Part of the unwritten background of my March Wardens Chapter was to be that part of the Chapter had joined forces with the Tau to help protect an Imperial world from a Chaos incursion and that during this they broke ranks with the Imperium and began to work with the Tau for the Greater Good. This was going to be an unspoken and secret blemish on the part of the March Wardens and they were working on tracking down these rebels and eliminate them.

So I have decided to take that idea and transfer it to my green, nameless, Marines. And also to solve the issue of their name at the same time. The green Marines will be referred to as the Sine Nomine which is Latin for “without a name” but it sounds more gothic. Most of the Chapter has followed their head Chaplain to rebel against the Imperium and join forces with the Tau. The rest of the Chapter has flown from their pursuit taking a majority of the fleet and vehicle assets of the Chapter heading to the safety of the March Warden worlds to seek aid in tracking down the rebellious elements of the Chapter.

So my Marine army will be the vehicle and Elite aspects of the Sine Nomine with reinforcements from the March Wardens. I have a squad of Sine Nomine Tactical Marines to fill one of the many Rhinos I have. I will also be painting up the Scouts I recently built as Sine Nomine troops as well since the idea is that the Elite and Scout formations of the Chapter are the ones left with only a few Tactical formations left. The rest of the Chapters Tactical, Devestator and Assault Marines have fled and are now fighting with the Tau.

For better or worse this is the background I will be using and I will attempt to fill it out more.