Terrain and Marines on the painting table

I had a bit of free time last night so I took the time to start sanding the Epic terrain I assembled for the upcoming EpicCon 2012 tournament. All the pieces now need to be primed and then the assembly line painting of buildings and ground begins. I am not sure how many other pieces I will get done but I do need to find a source for some 6-10mm trees that I can use to build up some trees for forest terrain. I probably need to pick those up this weekend if I have any hopes of getting them done for the tournament.

I also did a bit more work on my Sine Nomine Tactical Marines. A few more highlights and they should be ready to get based and game with. Sadly in the intervening time since my last big painting push in 2012 my skills have atrophied and my arthritis has become more problematic so these figs aren’t really up to my previous painting standards. But at least they all be painted :-)